Friday, November 5, 2010

Bring on the Beer and Pretzels!! (Night Lords 1500pts)

So, I got to thinking the other day (trust me, it's not something I do lightly).

In my experience there are two types of gamers... competitive players and beer and pretzel players. Now, I know this is a very grey area as there are some very competitive or tournament players who love and immerse themselves in the fluff and there are also those players that Just want a fun game but could care less about the background.

I tend to be the beer and pretzel gamer myself. I want a fun game with an army that lives up to its fluff. I don't really care if I win or if I get my ass handed to me as long as everyone has fun. I tend to avoid the double lash daemon princes or any other "sure-fire" list modifiers that have worked for others. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with using a double lash DP with six obliterators. It's just not the way I like to play. I'm certainly no perfectionist myself when it comes to my army lists but I do try and stay away from spamming units.

Lately, with my Night Lords, I've come up with two lists to play depending on how "tainted" I'm feeling at the time. Both lists are approximately 1500pts. My friend and I agree on 1500 points because we feel we can get a good sized army without it becoming too much of a Landraider slug fest. We think that this forces us to be a little more creative on how we play. I'm not sure this is how it plays out in the end, but we enjoy it just the same.

Here's the "tainted" Night Lords list I play.

HQ-         Daemon Prince - wings, warptime
              Kharn "The Betrayer"

Elite-      Chaos Dreadnought - 2 CCW, twin-linked bolter

Troops- (9) Berzerkers - champ. w/pwr fist, 2 plasma pistols

             (10) Chaos marines - champ. w/pwr sword, melta gun, flamer, IoCG

             (10) Chaos marines - champ. w/pwr fist, melta gun, Missile, IoCG

Fast-      (8) Chaos Raptors - champ. w/ l. claws & melta bomb, 2 melta guns, IoCG

Heavy     Defiler- havoc launcher

I think the point I was trying to make was...what kinda lists do you build? Are they strictly for tournaments or do you, like me, write lists according to a background story  you read?


  1. Dude, I am all about the theme, I gave up tourney play many moons ago.

    I almost always include one unit following the rule of cool. As long as the models are awesome I ignore the strength of the units actual rules. I field Possessed marines all the time!

    Eighty to eighty-five percent of my gaming has a story driven element. Be it a campaign game or a one off against my buddies it fits into the background of our forces.

  2. Beautiful army.

    I tend to play tournaments, so the list I build depends on the rules of the tournament.

    However, my buddies and I also play in campaigns, so at times we play lists that are more restricted due to the rules of the campaign.

  3. As a fellow fluff-based Night Lords player, I salute you sir! :D I try to base my lists around both a fun list to play (and play against) and fluff.

    Found you via the 'Galaxy in Flames' posting. Nice work on the daemon prince btw, I'm now using Varghulf (Vampire Counts) as a summoned daemon/daemon price which works nicely for NLs.

  4. I prefer the fun beer/pretzels approach. I don't go to very competitive tourneys, but do like a good ol' "Local RTT Flavor" event, just to get 3 games in a single day. Even then, I take fun lists. Deathwing, but now working on Wolfwing. Yriel-led Eldar without a Farseer (Corsairs).

    Kudos on the sweet-looking NL army. I particularly like how you didn't go 100% w/ the NL heads. I like them, but think an army of them would be "too much." I used the NL winged helms on all my CSM Aspiring Champions.

  5. can i ask a question i dont really play i just paint them i recently started a night lords army and am painting some raptors but i put the warp talon feet on by mistake does this affect them if i ever want to play ?

  6. If I remember correctly, I don't think the taloned feet actually come into play as a rule. So no, I would say it doesn't affect them. Check with your opponent and let him know they represent raptors and not warp talons. Personally, I like the taloned feet better.